Brick Nova is an indie rock band from the Philadelphia area with a penchant for balancing between raucous live performance and dynamic, emotive precision, all garnished with fantastic stage presence. The band consists of 2 original members in their frontman, Tom Drakeford, and drummer, Eric Lesinski, along with bassist Jared Filer and guitarist Paul Dallas who joined the band during high school in 2014. Taking influence from various bands such as Big Star, Alice in Chains, and the Strokes, the band managed to expand their sound throughout the years to include power pop, punk, funk, and metal. Having been around the Philly DIY scene for years, they have played at various iconic spots like Kung Fu Necktie and PhilaMOCA with great acts like Americanadian, Wallace, and Avenue Eight. The band has recently signed to independent label 1851 Records and released their “Overgrown” EP to great reception.


12.18.2018 / Official Audio/Video Track

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"...Brick Nova is a group of extremely talented players who have been evolving ever since they emerged. On Overgrown, they dip their toes in the water of further experimentation to great success. If their next release can venture further into this yet unexplored territory for them, Brick Nova will shine brighter than ever."

- Jason Friedman, Reflective Surface Mag

"Their version of alt rock combines elements of power pop, rock, punk and alternative rock. They have a smooth vocal delivery with intricate guitar and rhythm undertones. The songs are well written, and should allow the band to make the transition to radio. The first track (on overgrown) is reminiscent of The Beatles‘ White Album, and is very radio friendly...definitely worth checking out."

- Robert Leggett, Indie Voice